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Step 09: tacho circuit and motor unit344 viewsonce you removed the five screws you can remove the unit for the conversion
Step 12: resistor R2 (15k Ohm) partialy desoldered323 viewsresistor R2 (15k Ohm) partialy desoldered
Step 11: solder points of resistor R2 (15k Ohm)323 viewsdesolder resistor R2, locking pliers are one way to pull the resistor leg loose once the solder point is softened
Step 08: screws (5) holding the circuit and motor in place317 viewsunscrew these 5 screws to remove the circuit and motor (the two items are fixed together and come off as one)
Step 10: resistor R2 (15k Ohm)329 viewsthis is the resistor R2 (15k Ohm) that needs to be replaced with a 10.2k Ohm unit
Step 07: circuit and motor revealed314 viewsonce you removed the two fascia panels and light distribution thinggies, the circuit board and motor are revealed - this is what we have to remove in the next step.
Step 04: fascia screws (4)320 viewsremove the 4 screws holding the two fascia panels in place
Step 03: tacho and speedo needle315 viewsremove the 2 needles, a thin fork makes it easier (just put something between the fork and fascia to prevent scratches)
Step 06: light distributors307 viewsremove the two light distributors, they are not screwed in anymore just held in position with two locating pegs
Step 05: fascia panels307 viewsremove the two fascia panels
Step 01: retaining tabs top (3)291 viewspush down on the 3 retaining tabs on the top (best start on the side) to loosen the transparent cover
Step 02: retaining tabs bottom (3)289 viewspush down on the 3 retaining tabs on the bottom (best start on the side) to remove the transparent cover
Conversion test successful320 views10.44kOhm instead of 15kOhm
AE86 custom 10krpm fascia with ECON/PWR light option293 viewsCustom 10krpm fascia with ECON/PWR light option for OEM cluster.
Water/Oil cutout dimensions298 viewsWidth 79.7mm; Height 15.7mm
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